REMADE: Living Free

I never imagined I would write a book, but in 2019 I did just that! You can find it on Amazon, available in both paperback and Kindle! Below I have included the blurb as to what this book is all about…

Remade: Living Free is a biblical look at underlying struggles often experienced by those recovering from substance abuse and past hurts.  Topics explored in this book include: Guilt and Shame, God as our Father and Healer, Friendship, Perseverance, Purpose, The Importance of Not Compromising, and How to Live Abundantly.   While I wrote this book with a specific population in mind, the more I wrote, the more I realized this is a book for anyone who desires to know more of God. I invite you to open the pages found here; for within them lies everything I could ever hope for you to know about living in true freedom.

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