The H2H (Haughty to Humble) workbook is all about developing a humble attitude. In each chapter, we have included helpful things to know (like definitions and biology!), Bible verses and stories, and an application with an activity. We have also included a “Note to Parents” in each chapter as well. After all, parents sometimes need help with this topic too! We wanted to communicate some helpful information for them so that they can be equipped to help their child in this process.

We hope this workbook will be helpful to you but remember–developing a humble attitude is work that lasts throughout a lifetime! So, read through this as many times as needed.

Remade: Living Free is a biblical look at underlying struggles often experienced by those recovering from substance abuse and past hurts.  Topics explored in this book include: Guilt and Shame, God as our Father and Healer, Friendship, Perseverance, Purpose, The Importance of Not Compromising, and How to Live Abundantly.   While I wrote this book with a specific population in mind, the more I wrote, the more I realized this is a book for anyone who desires to know more of God. I invite you to open the pages found here; for within them lies everything I could ever hope for you to know about living in true freedom.

For some backstory check out my podcast from January 23, 2020!

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