Grace, Truth, and Timothy

Truth and boldness.  Love and grace.  Social media alone is evidence that our world is in desperate need of both.  Too many posts to count are replete with strong opinions, fruitless rhetoric, and outright hate.  Scrolling Facebook this weekend, I found myself experiencing the heaviness of strong emotions.  And I began to wonder: As aContinue reading “Grace, Truth, and Timothy”

Welcome Home: Grace Upon Grace (Conclusion)

As this series comes to an end, it strikes me that nothing I have written has been complicated.  In a sense, it has been, well…basic.  And yet, simplicity is not the same thing as easy.  It is simple to understand the importance of servanthood in marriage and using gentle and gracious words with our kids. Continue reading “Welcome Home: Grace Upon Grace (Conclusion)”

Welcome Home: The Language of Parenting

As we transition to discussing communication in the parent-child relationship, please remember that the same principles and applications already addressed for the marital relationship are still applicable.  (For instance, in our communication with our children, we should aim to edify and speak the truth in love.)  This post aims to capitalize on what has alreadyContinue reading “Welcome Home: The Language of Parenting”

Welcome Home: Parenting with Respect

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of parenting with an attitude of humility.  As the last post focused on 3 practical applications of humility, this post will focus on the attitude of respect, and 4 practical ways we can demonstrate this in our parenting.  When we talk about demonstrating respect for our kids,Continue reading “Welcome Home: Parenting with Respect”

Welcome Home: Parenting with Humility

For those who have been following along in the series, you know we have focused on the following: building a firm foundation on Christ and the Gospel; marriage setting the tone for the home; the values of a home filled with emotional safety and joy; the language of marriage; and the theological (and subsequent practicalContinue reading “Welcome Home: Parenting with Humility”