Living Whole: Practices for Living in Wholeness (and Conclusion)

In this series, we’ve talked about the definition of wholeness, the provision for wholeness, and the biblical principles for wholeness. However, as living out of wholeness is something to be learned, this final section will focus on 7 practices for living whole.         Preach the Gospel to Yourself Daily  Martin Luther once said that we shouldContinue reading “Living Whole: Practices for Living in Wholeness (and Conclusion)”

Living Whole: Principles for Living in Wholeness

Now that we’ve looked at the gospel as the provision for wholeness, let’s turn our attention to some biblical principles about living whole.   God is close to the brokenhearted The above subtitle may seem antithetical to the subject of wholeness, but I wanted to start with it for this reason: As we heal from traumaContinue reading “Living Whole: Principles for Living in Wholeness”

Living Whole: Provision for Living in Wholeness

As I stated in the first post of this series, living out of wholeness rather than brokenness is something that must be learned. Just as those in recovery from substance abuse must learn a new way of living, so must those who are healing from past trauma and difficult experiences. In this post, we willContinue reading “Living Whole: Provision for Living in Wholeness”

Living Whole: Wholeness Defined

In the previous post, we stated that living in wholeness is something we must learn—especially if a difficult and/or abusive past has been experienced. We also identified the source of our wholeness as Jesus, citing Scripture that indicates him as the One who frees captives and binds up the brokenhearted. In a later post, weContinue reading “Living Whole: Wholeness Defined”