Unpopular: Male and Female He Created Them

“Did God really say?”  Oh, those four dreadful words; the catalyst for the fall of man and the demise of our society today.  After all, isn’t that how all deception begins- with the questioning of the word of God?  It seems our rebellious hearts just can’t accept that God meant what He said.  We haveContinue reading “Unpopular: Male and Female He Created Them”

Unpopular: Every Good and Perfect Gift

Oh the nature of mankind.  Hasn’t that been the debate for the past several millennia? Countless scholars, philosophers, and theologians have written on this subject and yet confusion still exists on this matter, even among Christians.   I understand the appeal of wanting to believe we are innately good, and that humankind is by and largeContinue reading “Unpopular: Every Good and Perfect Gift”

Unpopular: Made New, Not Better

For those of you following this series, this post piggy-backs off my previous post and echoes in part the theme of an article I wrote earlier this year on the topic of humanism (you can find that article at simplydevoted.net).  For those who are just joining, I wrote last week that the mission of followingContinue reading “Unpopular: Made New, Not Better”

How Can it Be? True Identity Revealed

How can it be that you see me and know me?  That thought is too wild for my mind to contain and too precious for my heart to hold.   Yet the truth remains.   You number the hairs on my head and you know my innermost thoughts.  You know my name.  There has never been aContinue reading “How Can it Be? True Identity Revealed”

The Hope of all Things New

This past December I had the opportunity to hike some beautiful trails in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  The scenery was gorgeous and I relished the views that differ so greatly from my homeland of Northwest Ohio.  As my eyes rested on the rolling hills and waterfalls, my heart was filled with gratitude and IContinue reading “The Hope of all Things New”