Welcome Home: Parenting with Respect

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of parenting with an attitude of humility.  As the last post focused on 3 practical applications of humility, this post will focus on the attitude of respect, and 4 practical ways we can demonstrate this in our parenting.  When we talk about demonstrating respect for our kids,Continue reading “Welcome Home: Parenting with Respect”

Welcome Home: Parenting with Humility

For those who have been following along in the series, you know we have focused on the following: building a firm foundation on Christ and the Gospel; marriage setting the tone for the home; the values of a home filled with emotional safety and joy; the language of marriage; and the theological (and subsequent practicalContinue reading “Welcome Home: Parenting with Humility”

Welcome Home: Pursuing Joy in Marriage

 Over the last several posts we covered some challenging ground!  We began by talking about choosing Whom we will serve and what it means to build our homes on the firm foundation of Christ and the gospel.  We’ve also talked about the attitude, values, and language characteristics of a household culture of emotional safety andContinue reading “Welcome Home: Pursuing Joy in Marriage”

Welcome Home: The Language of Marriage (Part II)

Last week we talked about the key principles of edifying language and speaking the truth in love. Today we’ll look at four practical applications of these principles for everyday conversation.     Listen to understand.  This might seem like an odd first choice as this whole post has been about our words!  But when we listen toContinue reading “Welcome Home: The Language of Marriage (Part II)”

Welcome Home: The Language of Marriage (Part I)

Every culture has a language and the culture of emotional safety and joy is no different.  As in the previous posts, we will look at this topic within the context of marriage.  Why? Because marriage sets the tone.  Remember, this series is all about creating a culture which makes home a desirable place to be. Continue reading “Welcome Home: The Language of Marriage (Part I)”

Welcome Home: The Values of it All

So far in this series we have established the following:   Building our homes takes intentionality and persistent work- but the reward far outweighs the cost.   We must choose Whom we will serve.  If it is the Lord, then we build our homes on the firm foundation of Christ and the gospel.  Everything flows from this!Continue reading “Welcome Home: The Values of it All”