Fully, Finally, Completely

“It is finished.”  These three words declared the free gift of our salvation.  Yet, these three words are almost too wonderful to fathom; for they are the words that tell us the work has been completed- and there is nothing we can add.  Try as we might, that truth is immovable.     And so uncomfortable.   BecauseContinue reading “Fully, Finally, Completely”

Banquets and Banners: Part II

One thing is certain, in heaven all will be perfect and we will gather in the great banqueting hall to share in the love and delight of our God and our Savior.  For those who are in Christ, we will all join together with him in eating the choicest meat and drinking the finest wine.Continue reading “Banquets and Banners: Part II”

Banquets and Banners: Part I

For those of you who grew up going to Sunday School, you may remember the catchy song “His Banner Over Me.”  As a kid I remember liking the tune, but I really had no idea what all of the lyrics meant. To the song’s credit, I understood that it was talking about God’s extraordinary loveContinue reading “Banquets and Banners: Part I”