Welcome Home: Marriage Sets the Tone

If you haven’t read this series’ previous post, Choosing our Firm Foundation,  (https://nicolebyrum.com/2022/02/03/welcome-home-choosing-our-firm-foundation/) I encourage you to pause this reading and click on over there.  With Christ and the Gospel as the foundation of our homes, we turn our attention to the next building block placed upon that foundation: marriage.  It is the marriage relationshipContinue reading “Welcome Home: Marriage Sets the Tone”

Welcome Home: Intro

I love those passages in Scripture that leave me thinking, Man…what a bold, gusty, down right studly move!  Whether it’s Shadrach, Mechach and Abednego refusing to bow when the music played, Jesus making a whip to drive out the money-changers, or Paul continuing to preach the gospel despite receiving beating after beating, these are theContinue reading “Welcome Home: Intro”

The Source of Satisfaction

As the excitement of Christmas fades and the New Year dawns, our attention is turned toward the open chapter before us.  We plan, set goals, and dream about the potential “better” of the months to come.  Yet, despite our hopes and good intentions the truth is we have no idea what lies ahead.  Perhaps thisContinue reading “The Source of Satisfaction”

Rich in Deed

This past June marked four years since the advent of my reading addiction.  It began innocently enough with the goal of reading one book per month but this craze has now culminated to a point of madness.  Case in point: I frequently find myself reading 3 (sometimes more!) books at a time and endlessly addingContinue reading “Rich in Deed”

Rich Conversation

I’m going to be really honest:  I’m writing this post as a challenge to myself.  As an extroverted person, I love being around people and am always up for hanging out with my friends.  However, I’m not always great with initiating conversation, usually preferring that others lead.  When I do initiate, I tend to stickContinue reading “Rich Conversation”

Chasing Perfection

I can’t tell you how many times in the last few months the topic of perfectionism has come up in conversations with both my clients and friends.  At least a dozen times I’ve thought, I need to write about this.  So here it goes, my feeble attempt to touch on this difficult topic and toContinue reading “Chasing Perfection”

Mission Minded Parenting

To say there’s a lot of scary stuff happening in the world today would be a massive understatement.  Especially if you’re a parent.  Be honest, how many times in the last week alone have you had the thought, “I can’t believe this is the world my child is being raised in.”  We fear for theirContinue reading “Mission Minded Parenting”

5 Tips for Co-Working With Your Spouse

Over the last few weeks families across the country have experienced a tremendous amount of change in their daily routines.  With schools closed and parents now working from home this has created quite a bit of, uh, together time. And while this is a tremendous opportunity for families to experience a renewed sense of connection,Continue reading “5 Tips for Co-Working With Your Spouse”