Welcome Home: Marriage Sets the Tone

If you haven’t read this series’ previous post, Choosing our Firm Foundation,  (https://nicolebyrum.com/2022/02/03/welcome-home-choosing-our-firm-foundation/) I encourage you to pause this reading and click on over there.  With Christ and the Gospel as the foundation of our homes, we turn our attention to the next building block placed upon that foundation: marriage.  It is the marriage relationshipContinue reading “Welcome Home: Marriage Sets the Tone”

Welcome Home: Intro

I love those passages in Scripture that leave me thinking, Man…what a bold, gusty, down right studly move!  Whether it’s Shadrach, Mechach and Abednego refusing to bow when the music played, Jesus making a whip to drive out the money-changers, or Paul continuing to preach the gospel despite receiving beating after beating, these are theContinue reading “Welcome Home: Intro”